Living life primarily as a Google Apps customer must be a rough existence. You get to see all the shiny new things regular Gmail users are getting, but when can you have it? Later. Much later. The latest old feature made new again for Apps customers is automatic Gmail event integration with Google Calendar. Yay.

This feature came to regular Gmail users late last year with the release of the revamped Calendar app. Now it'll work on Apps accounts too. Basically, your calendar will automatically be updated when you receive an email with flight, hotel, restaurant, or ticketed event information. The calendar will even be updated if those plans change, as indicated by your email.

Users will see a notification in Calendar as the feature is rolled out that explains where all these new events are coming from. It will also point out it can be disabled in settings. The same thing will be sent as an email as well. The only Apps customers who won't be getting the feature are those using Google Apps for Government. Presumably because governments by definition hate fun.