Here's another of my favorite kind of deal. Free stuff! Presently you can pick up a digital copy of the album, Play: Blues Pioneers, on the Google Play Store for the delightful price of nothing. It is full of wonderful bluesy songs like, Stormy Night Blues, Hokum Blues, and Blind Pig Blues. I've kindly provided the full list here for your perusal.

Screenshot 2015-08-25 at 7.11.19 AM

Ok, confession time. I have no experience whatsoever with the blues and I've never heard of a single one of these songs, or artists. (Barbecue Bob? That's a real person?) When I think of the blues this is what comes to mind.

Feel free to berate me for my lack of musical education in the comments. Maybe your ill will and cruel statements will leach into my soul and spawn the greatest blues song ever written. Or maybe I'll ignore the comments thread and eat a muffin for breakfast. A blueberry muffin.

Anyways, it's free in the US and possibly more places as well. Let us know below if you have any luck downloading it in other countries.