The Asus ZenWatch never had a moment where it was wildly hailed as the most luxurious Android Wear watch, but it was still a relatively stylish device. Was it worth $200? That depends on who's answering. But for those who said no, here's a way to make the smartwatch more compelling—but you're going to have to jump through some hoops.

First, head to Newegg. There you will see the ZenWatch reduced down to $150 (the same price offered at Amazon). Add it to your cart and enter the coupon code VCO2015BTS. It will save you $10, but only if you complete your purchase using Visa Checkout.


After that, you're looking at handing over $140. To drop things down to the $124 price mentioned in this post's title, you will have to send off a mail-in rebate. It's not quite the same as buying the device for $130 from the Google Store, but it's close.

Now, let's pose the question again. Is the Asus Zenwatch worth $124? There is a new model on the way, so you will probably see the OG edition drop in price pretty soon anyway. But hey, maybe you want one now. Only you can decide whether you want to click the link below.