We got our best look yet at the Huawei Nexus phone (codename Angler) earlier today, and now we've got a few more pics from the same source. This time the phone is in a protective case that obscures many of the features, but there's one thing we can see plain as day—a USB Type-C port. It's happening.

Yes, that oval-shaped port on the bottom of the phone represents all your reversible hopes and dreams. Google strongly hinted at Type-C support in upcoming Nexus phones when it announced the new Pixel with a Type-C port. I imagine both new Nexus phones will have the port.

Type-C will probably be the standard adopted by all major devices in 2016, but we're still in the early days. So far only a few Type-C devices have been released including the OnePlus 2 and ZenPad S. It's strange to go from having a dozen compatible cables to just one or two, and extra Type-C cables aren't cheap. Better start stocking up now in advance of Nexus season.

Also note the bootloader in the image above. It shows 64GB of storage and an MSM8994 CPU. That's a Snapdragon 810. Cue the overheating jokes.