Hey, you! Did you know there's a gigantic ball of burning plasma in the sky that's literally giving away free energy right this second? It's true, there is! Unless it's night time where you live. Then you have to wait for free energy. Unless you have the foresight to store it away during the day with, say, a big honkin' battery. A battery not unlike these huge portable ones from ZeroLemon, those folks who make improbably huge battery replacements for every Samsung and LG phone. They're on sale today over at Newegg.

So the basic gist of these batteries is that you leave them out in the sun to charge up, then charge your phone/tablet/portable can opener with the free power. (Don't worry, you can still charge it from a standard wall outlet if you want.) It's ideal for camping and other outdoorsy activities where you're miles and miles away from the nearest AC power. The models on Newegg are the 10,000mAh version, which is going for $27.99, and a 20,000mAh version, which is going for $39.99. That's a discount of $22 and $40, respectively - and not bad prices, even for standard batteries.

Both models include the usual LED indicators and a flashlight, and shipping to the US is free. The deal is valid until Wednesday.

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