Almost everybody knows by now what is good by having a device that supports Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 standard. It will charge...quickly. The negative is that if you have amassed a stockpile of USB chargers over the years, none of your old ones can give you the speedy refuel. With Aukey's QC 2.0-compatible charger going for just $7.99, or half off of the full $15.99, after a coupon code on Amazon, you can grab one without feeling its toll on your wallet.

That's even cheaper than the deal we posted just days ago for $10 each, which was quite popular itself.


This charger is simple, but effective. One port, one cord, one outlet, fast charging. The benefit of getting this Aukey one—beyond the discount—is that 900+ reviewers have already tried it and shared their thoughts, which are often very positive. And if you want to use it for non-QC 2.0 devices, it will charge them as quickly as they allow.

If you aren't a fan of the black version, there is also a white one for the same price. Just put in the coupon code 266PPQ4P at checkout and everything should work. Note that there is a limit of $8 discount, meaning there are no extra savings when you buy more than one.

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