A new Moto 360 is coming soon - we all but know that at this point. We also think it will come in two sizes, and that it will still have a flat tire.

But Motorola isn't the only stylish watch game in town anymore. The Huawei Watch is anticipated to launch at some point this year, and Fossil teased a brand-new Intel-based smartwatch last week (... that also has a flat tire screen).

But the Moto 360 was easily the crowd favorite among the first generation of Wear devices, and it stands to reason that the second iteration will likely keep some of that hype moving forward, deflated circular display or otherwise. The fact that it will launch in two sizes is also no small detail, and could open up the device to a wider variety of buyers.

What we know at this point is that it seems Motorola has ditched the lug-less design of the original in favor of a more traditional strap attachment system, and that we can expect different battery sizes in the different body configurations (375mAh for the large, 270mAh for the small). Such a large battery in the bigger version could mean substantially increased longevity, but we'll have to wait and see how that plays out.

As for internals, it's anyone's guess - a Snapdragon 400 chip seems to be the standard Wear reference platform and the most likely option, but Motorola's choice of a TI in the original 360, maligned as it was, at least suggests that the company could go its own way with computing hardware in an attempt to stand out from the crowd.

That said, are you interested in the new 360? Could it possibly do enough to justify an upgrade from the current version? Or does the Huawei Watch (or Fossil) hold your attention more now? Let's talk about it.

Are you interested in the new Moto 360 (ie, potentially buying one)?

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