It's that time of the year again, when a new Android version spawns an avalanche of third-party app updates from developers rushing to add compatibility and new features to their software. Today we're talking about Talon for Twitter, the beautiful Material designed Twitter client. Its version 3.1 update has been released with Marshmallow compatibility, a new Android Wear app, and a few other useful additions.

First, the app is now compatible with Marshmallow-running devices, so all of you with Preview 3 on your Nexus devices can start using it again, and it also includes M's new app permissions.

talon-31-1 talon-31-3 talon-31-2

Second, the Android Wear component has been revamped. You can now check unread tweets from your wrist, and then retweet, favorite, or reply to them (via voice). You can also compose new tweets and change the font setting. A "No Unread..." message shows up if you launch the Wear app while there are no new tweets in your timeline.

talon-31-4 talon-31-5 talon-31-6

Two other noteworthy features of Talon 3.1 are the fact that it now displays inline images from quoted tweets, and a new Pictures section on any user profile page that lets you quickly browse their shared images.

talon-31-7 talon-31-8

Here's the full changelog, which also mentions Twitter's new DM character policy and a bunch of bug fixes and improvements:

- Built for Android Marshmallow
- Revamp of Android Wear app layout
- Support for favoriting and retweeting statuses from Android Wear
- Support for composing tweets on Android Wear
- Support for replying to tweets on Android Wear
- Show images on quoted tweets
- Handle links to compose tweets
- Direct Messages no longer have a character limit
- Show images on user profile pages
- Apply Android Marshmallow's new runtime permission model
- Don't stream blocked users with Talon Pull
- Don't redirect to the external browser for translations
- Show embedded tweets rather than links in more places
- Some performance improvements
- Some bug fixes for direct messages
- Fix duplicate tweets occurring for some
- Various Bug fixes
- Update application dependencies

At $3.99, Talon doesn't come cheap, but it is, along with Fenix, one of the best Twitter clients available on the Play Store now.

Talon for Twitter
Talon for Twitter
Developer: Luke Klinker
Price: $2.99+