The CyanogenMod ROM development team continues to add to its ever-expanding range of officially-supported devices. Today we get a little-known variant from a huge manufacturer and a huge phone from a little-known manufacturer (outside of China, anyway): the dual-SIM version of HTC's 2014 flagship One M8, and Xiaomi's Mi4, respectively. Both are available as nightly builds on CyanogenMod's download repository.

The ROMs are labeled "M8dug" for the One M8 and "cancro" for the Mi4. Both have just two builds at the time of writing, and they may or may not be added to a more stable release the next time the ROM team releases one - it all depends on how stable and feature-complete the developers can get the builds. Both are running CM 12.1, the latest public release of the ROM based on Android 5.1, and the downloads weigh in at about 263MB.

HTC and Xiaomi phones come with considerably heavy "skins," and the latter doesn't have access to the Play Store in China, so it's easy to see why users might want some alternative software. (Technically CyanogenMod doesn't come with Google Apps either - you'll need to flash the Gapps ZIP package to add them.) That said, given the early nature of the builds, users might want to wait for something more stable before flashing, or at least make a recovery backup of the stock ROM.

We've been told by a reliable source that the "victara" nightly builds for the Moto X 2014 are now compatible with the Verizon version, which was recently added to the Sunshine bootloader unlock tool.

According to commenter TheDorkKnightRises, the cancro CyanogenMod build can also be flashed to the Xiaomi Mi3.