Have you heard? Samsung has announced new phones. In case you have not heard, here's an ad in your notification shade. It looks like this has happened to at least a few people thanks to the Samsung Push Service. In a separate incident, I myself have been served an ad by the bundled Peel remote app. Is nothing sacred anymore, Samsung?

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We were all aghast when HTC pushed that Fantastic Four ad to its users, but here Samsung is doing the same thing to some Samsung owners. The ad in question promotes the Galaxy S6 Edge+. The Samsung Push Service is supposed to provide notification support for Samsung's app—things like Samsung Pay, Samsung Link, and so on. I guess it can do ads too.

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My experience with the Peel remote app is a little different. This isn't a Samsung app, but it's one that is distributed as part of the stock Galaxy S6 software package. The ad it showed was for a TV program (sponsored by Land Rover) on Bravo. Tapping on it opened the Peel app so I could set a reminder to watch it. Whether or not Samsung has anything to do with this exact scenario is secondary—it bundles this app with the phone and controls the user experience. This shouldn't happen. The GS6E+ ad is really just unforgivable, though. I don't think you can justify that one at all. For shame, Samsung.

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