One of the greatest problems in stock Android since the debut of Lollipop last year has been the volume slider - putting aside Lollipop's initially confusing volume modes, the slider unceremoniously pops into place when the user hits the volume keys on their device. Of course I'm kidding, but nevertheless it looks like Google has enhanced the volume controls in the latest Marshmallow dev preview with some motion design love.

Now, when users hit a volume key, the panel slides into place from off canvas. The slider's current position is highlighted with its own translucent halo (which may or may not really be necessary). And perhaps best of all, the "expand" icon actually has a fully realized transition from up to down. The two ends of the shape slide out and then come back together in the opposite configuration. This is a small touch, but it seems that between this, the app drawer, and other tweaks like the way popup menus animate out, a major theme of Android's M release is finishing up what L started.

Delightful indeed, Google.

Thanks, Salman Ahmad!