Remember that photo you took a year ago today? Probably not, but Google does, and today it has publicly called attention to a feature in Google Photos that will bring these past memories back to light.

When you opt-in, you will see cards in the Assistant view that remind you of pictures taken exactly a year ago. Google may even throw together a collage of the people you saw and the places you visited. This will occur both in the app and on the web.

The feature isn't new, as some of you may have seen cards labeled "Rediscover this day" in the past. At least one member of our team has. But now Google is pushing the functionality out to a wider audience, and it's including the ability to opt-in. That means you shouldn't get any such reminders by default. Google Photos understands if some memories are better left forgotten.

We don't know precisely how to turn the feature on, but the latest version of Photos may be required.

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