As a recent (and mostly happy) convert to Google's Project Fi carrier experiment, I've taken up the task of covering Fi news for AP including updates to the Fi app, Google's super simple app for managing your account and keeping tabs on data use.

Today, the app got an update to E.1.3 that brings a few small improvements and one big one - cross-device account management. Basically, Fi users can now install the app on their other devices and manage their accounts from any of them, rather than being stuck to just the Nexus 6.

Screenshot_20150819-194330 Screenshot_20150819-194334

The update also brings an improved experience for initial setup/activation. The interface has been cleaned up, and things seem to move a lot quicker in this iteration. Here's a quick visual comparison.

old2 old25 new15 new2

old on top, new on bottom

Inside the app, some subtle refinements have been made to things like the data usage meter. It appears numbers are rounded to hundredths instead of thousandths and rather than the big fun teardrop-shaped indicators on the meter, the latest version of the Fi app uses simple straight lines. Of course, the new layout is a lot more readable, but the old indicators were pretty neat.

old3 new3

old on the left, new on the right

Finally, according to a post in the (invite-only) Fi user community, version E.1.3 improves the international roaming experience with more accurate country detection. For those who can't see the post, here's the full text:

Hi folks!

Updates to the Project Fi app, version E.1.3, will be rolled out over the next few days starting today.

Notable updates include:
- Account management from devices other than your Nexus 6! The app now works on any phone or tablet running Android 5.1 and up.  More info here:
- Improved international roaming experience - more reliable country detection for a better Project Fi experience when you’re traveling!
- Improvements to activation and connectivity experience

This update will hit all Nexus 6s, whether you’re on a Project Fi-specific build or not. Look out for the update in the coming days!

Happy Hump Day,
Project Fi Community Manager

And of course if you're a Fi user who doesn't want to wait for the rollout to hit your device, you can always grab the update at APK Mirror.