Pocket Casts is one of the finest podcast apps around largely because it's always been quick to take advantage of new Android features. In the latest update, the developers are already using the Nearby API to make podcast discovery easier. Just fire up the Nearby feature, and you can see what those around you are listening to.

There are a few other tweaks in v5.2, but it's mostly about the nearby feature. Here's the full changelog.


  • Have you ever wondered what podcasts the people around you listen to? Your friends? Classmates? Even those pesky co-workers of yours? Well wonder no more! Open the Discover section, tap on Nearby, get them to do the same and find out. Warning: may cause relationship breakups.
  • Animation issues with the play/pause button in the mini player
  • You can now download an episode that is streaming from the episode overflow menu
  • Fixed issue with grid and missing artwork
  • Download issues

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You need to opt into Nearby to see shared podcasts and share your own. The app pulls up a handy description of what all the Nearby features will do so you can be aware. Additionally, the Nearby stuff in Pocket Casts will only run when you have the corresponding screen in the app open.

Pocket Casts - Podcast Player
Pocket Casts - Podcast Player