Android TV is a thing these days, but Google TV is dead as a door nail. Taking this into account, Amazon has decided to stop supporting Instant Video streaming to Google TV devices. The service will stop working on September 14th, at which point any remaining users of Google TV will have an excuse to stop using it.

Amazon sent out a notice to users of Instant Video on Google TV to direct them to alternative streaming platforms including Roku, Fire TV, iOS, Android phones/tablets, and game consoles. Notice something missing there? Yes, Amazon Instant Video still doesn't support the successor to Google TV, Android TV. The universe is a funny place sometimes.

Google TV devices were released by companies like LG, Vizio, Asus, Netgear, and Sony. There were even some TVs with the software built-in. Google never technically killed Google TV, it just stopped developing it and removed the public SDK in 2014 when Android TV was announced. Still, it died of natural causes a long time ago, and now Amazon has left a flower on its grave.

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