We like to keep you aware of great deals as we come across them, and oftentimes, these consist of discounted devices and external battery backs. After all, everyone likes saving money on gadgets, and I challenge you to name one time you lamented having an extra form of backup power at the bottom of your bag.

But this deal is different. Here is a product many of us probably wouldn't use as intended even if it were dropped off at your front porch with an attached sticker reading "It's Free, Please Don't Return." It's called MyCube, a personal safe that keeps your electronics safe from theft and dying batteries at the same time.


MyCube sports reinforced steel that is nearly an eighth-inch thick. A shelf lets you stack multiple devices inside, and a built-in charging outlet makes sure things aren't dead when you go to retrieve them in the morning using a 4-digit security code. The safe could be just the thing for a college kid living in a dorm with a theft problem.

Until August 23rd, Touch of Modern is offering the thing in multiple colors. You have classic-bank-safe gray, back-of-the-closet black, deer-can't-see-me orange, and boy-I'm-feeling blue. All are discounted down from $400 to $260, with the exception of black, which is marked down to just $330 instead. That's because it will also protect your gadgets from up to an hour of fire, and you can set up to two user codes. But you don't get an internal power supply, effectively turning it into any other safe.


Shipping isn't free, so expect to add another $30 to the final price. These things weigh 40 pounds. Also, since this is Touch of Modern, expect to wait a few weeks before your safe arrives. And if this is your first time using the site, you can take another $10 off signing up with this referral link.