For having technically retired, @evleaks still leaks a lot of stuff. Case in point, he's just posted a few more promo pics of the BlackBerry Venice, an Android-powered phone from the once-dominant Canadian smartphone maker. We've also got a supposed release window too—November on all major U.S. carriers.

The Venice will run Google services, so you'll have the Play Store and all the core apps. We see a render of the Play Store, a BlackBerry data transfer UI, a mail client (similar pic already leaked), and a Chromecast render (already leaked).


Rumors have pointed to this being a keyboard slider, and today's second leak from @evleaks indeed confirms it: November isn't that far away, so I expect we'll get further leaks of this device before long, perhaps even one taken by the elusive Mr. Blurrycam. Rumors point to a Snapdragon 808, 5.4-inch QHD LCD with curved glass, and 3GB of RAM. Of course, this could all be a lie. Everything could be... we could all be living lies right now.

Short video teaser leaked

@evleaks is still at it. This time he's posted a lengthy GIF showing off the phone from several angles. It's the best look we've gotten so far.

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