Are you itching for a new big phone from Samsung? And are you a T-Mobile customer with little patience and not enough energy to go through pre-orders and then orders to get your shiny new gadget? Then today's your lucky day. John Legere has announced on Twitter that T-Mobile's orders for both the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ will be open today, Tuesday 18th, at 6am PT.

T-Mobile is skipping the pre-order phase on both phones, since their Friday the 21st release date is imminently close. So all you'll have to do when the clock strikes 6 this morning is head over to and throw your money at the screen to grab one or both of these devices. Tmo will then do its best to ship them out to you as soon as possible. As a bonus, if you already registered your interest or plan to do it before September 30th, you can redeem one year of Netflix subscription for free (valued at over $100).

T-Mobile had previously detailed the pricing plans for the new phones in a press release. Both will be available for $0 down, and the 24-month financing plan is about $29 per month for the 32GB Note 5, and $32.5 per month for the 32GB Galaxy S6 Edge+. That amounts to a total of $699.99 and $779.99 respectively. The larger 64GB models will surely cost more. But if you're more interested in "leasing" the devices, they'll also be available on JUMP! On Demand starting Friday and for a smaller fee per month.

The phones are now available to order from T-Mobile, and we know the prices of the 64GB versions: $859.99 for the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and $779.99 for the Galaxy Note 5. You can grab yours at the source links below.