You've probably heard of Shazam. You fire up the app when a song is playing that you can't remember the name of. It will do a little magic trick, then come back with the answer and maybe even lyrics. Google's Sound Search widget does something similar, and following the update contained within the latest Android Marshmallow developer preview, it looks more up-to-date doing it.

The widget doesn't just come with a new style. The developers have also tweaked the functionality. Now the widget launches into the Google Search app's sound recognition interface rather than inside the widget itself. And there's a 1x1 widget option to choose from.

Here are some screens comparing the new incarnations with the old.

SoundSearch1 SoundSearch2


SoundSearch4 SoundSearch3


This version of the APK is not redistributable. We'll be keeping our eyes on the Play Store for when the update becomes publically available for everyone.

Sound Search for Google Play
Sound Search for Google Play
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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  • Fedor von Bock