If a smartwatch is in the deepest desires of your heart, but you just can't stand the idea of coughing up $350(ish) to get one of the higher end models, Newegg may finally be the company to get that death grip off your wallet with a new deal on the LG Watch Urbane (which is arguably the best Android Wear watch out there right now).

This works by utilizing a small collection of discounts, coupons, and mail-in rebates to get the price down from $350 to just $240. Here's the breakdown:

  • $30 instant rebate (read: you don't have to do anything)
  • $60 coupon code: EMCAWKW92
  • $20 mail-in rebate

Yeah, that last bit is easily the crummiest part of this whole deal, because having to mail junk in and wait for however many weeks to get your prepaid Visa rebate card back basically sucks. Fortunately, that's the smallest part of the whole deal, so it shouldn't be that painful of a hit. And remember: you're still getting a Watch Urbane for $110 off.

It's hard to say how long that coupon code will be good for, so waiting isn't something I'd recommend. If you want the watch, get it. Quickly.