Are you ready to finally stop calling Android M... Android M? Well, you better be: Google is almost certainly going to reveal the official name of its upcoming operating system very, very soon. And it looks like a Googler (Jeff Sharkey) just posted a photo on Google+ of something very potentially statue-like on the Google campus in Mountain View. If that's not convincing enough, his accompanying post text is "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?"

What's under the curtain? Who knows! But if you want even more assurance that M unveil is nigh, Google's official accounts have been teasing away this morning, as well.

But they were also teasing it on Friday, so maybe we have a few more days to wait yet. Or maybe it's happening today. Or maybe it isn't.

As for what this means in regard to new Nexus devices? It's not clear. Google hasn't had a consistent timing strategy with Android version statues relative to device releases, but, but BUT: last year they unveiled the Lollipop statue on the same day they announced the Nexus 6 / 9 / Player. We can only hope that single data point is now indicative of a trend.