Looking for a starter tablet? You know, something to give a kid or someone not so into tech that they would scoff at something not running regular Android? Then consider the Fire HD 6. Amazon is currently offering it for $30 off, bringing the price to a compelling $70. Sure, the 1280 by 800 6-inch display won't turn heads, but the build quality is solid enough where it won't feel like a comparatively priced off-brand knock off.

Maybe you're looking to stick a tablet in the hands of a really little person, someone not ready for a big kid tablet. In that case, pick up the Fire HD 6 Kids Edition instead. Amazon is offering the device for $120, which is also a $30 discount.


The Kids Edition comes inside a durable case that should better withstand the abuse you can expect from youngsters. And Amazon will replace the device for free if they do manage to break it within two years. By the time the period is up, they've probably aged out of their smashing-stuff-years anyway.