Google has finally, physically unveiled the official name for its new operating system (still sans a version number): it's marshmallow! Googler Alex Ruiz just posted a picture of the statue over at Building 43 (the Android building) at Google HQ in Mountain View.

Marshmallow was definitely among the most-speculated potential names for the next version of Android, and while the statue isn't exactly what I'd call... spectacularly creative, it is nothing if not direct.

Relatedly, you can now pick up the Android 6.0 Preview 3 images for your supported Nexus device, and oh yeah: it's Android 6.0. So that's a thing. We've not heard any more from Google about 6.0 outside this developer-focused post on the Android Developers Blog.

Here is the official Marshmallow statue unveil video, in all 50 seconds of its glory.

Here's a a look at the official Marshmallow icon. It's... OK, I guess?


And here is the official story of the Android Marshmallow sculpture by Googlers Nat and Lo.