Ever since its introduction the Moto G series has been a leader in the mid-range market, arguably outshining the flagship Moto X thanks to its excellent value and featureset. The third version was released just a few hours after Motorola announced it on stage late last month, and as is the company's wont, it's running the latest public release of Android (5.1.1) at launch. Now the open source kernel for the Moto G 2015 is available, just like its predecessors.

In the last couple of weeks Motorola has updated several of its kernels following OTA software updates, including the original Moto G, the 2014 Moto X, and the 2015 Moto E.

Prospective developers can download the kernel from Motorola's Github. It will be useful for creating customized versions of the kernel to replace the stock build, an essential element of an effective custom ROM and other modifications like processor overclocking. (That's a popular pastime for Moto G customers, since the company's non-carrier phones feature easily-unlockable bootloaders.) Get after it, developers.