Motorola's social media team has had a few oopsie moments lately. Just the other day Motorola's Twitter and Google+ accounts announced a launch date for the Moto X Pure, only to remove the postings. Now Motorola has posted a video tweet that briefly shows what appears to be a new Moto 360.

The mystery watch is only on screen for a few seconds, but it's definitely not the first-generation Moto 360. The crown button is shifted toward the 2 o'clock position on the side, and the bezel looks smoother. Perhaps most conspicuously, there are external lugs on this watch. The original Moto 360 had band attachments built into the underside. This watch also has the same "flat tire" screen as the first gen 360. It's surprising they'd stick with that.

The tweet is embedded above, but I wouldn't be surprised if Motorola removes it. This is far from a confirmation of a new watch—it could just be a general render of some sort, but it would be odd for Motorola to create a completely new device just for a short video like this. This image does, however, match a photo posted by Lenovo's CEO in March. Something is probably in the works, though. Motorola sent a smartwatch of some sort to the FCC recently.

Tweet deleted

Motorola has removed the tweet as expected. Luckily, there's a mirror of the video.