We've seen a possible early look at the next version of Motorola's Moto 360 watch earlier today, and now it looks like there are new indications of multiple models for the Android Wear line. Anatel, Brazil's federal telecom regulator (the equivalent of the FCC in the US) has listed two new Motorola devices for certification: the 360S and 360L. The product names obviously point to new watch models, but it's the batteries that should really pique your interest. The listing was spotted by 9to5 Google.

In addition to standard radio documentation for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Anatel lists the 360S with a 270mAh battery and the 360L with a 375mAh battery. Compare those to the original Moto 360's 320mAh battery, and it's clear at the very least that these are small devices. In context, it's easy to speculate that the "S" and "L" letters in the model numbers point to "small" and "large" size distinctions. Different band sizes (but not sizes of the watch itself) for the original model demonstrated that Motorola was at least somewhat aware that the 46mm diameter watch was quite large for some people.

Naturally this is all guesswork. The video Motorola posted earlier today could simply be a quick-and-dirty render, and the variable model numbers could be something entirely different ("steel" and "leather" for different watch bands, for example). But taken together, and considering that the original Moto 360 is due for an upgrade, it certainly makes sense. It can be hoped - and only hoped - that one or the other of these models dispenses with the "flat tire" design of the original 360's round screen.