Some electronics are quick to dip in price. Sure, a game console may cling to its original cost for years after launch, but it's not uncommon to get lucky with smartphones. Last month T-Mobile wanted $780 to sell you a Galaxy S6 Edge. Now it's willing to do so for $100 less.


Excuse me, $99.77 less

Still, if you direct your gaze elsewhere, you'll find that you can get an S6 Edge for even less money. There are units on eBay shipping for $550. That beats T-Mobile's current reduction by another $130.

I'll stop holding your hand through the addition now. Here's what else you should know. These are brand new 32GB G925F units, not refurbished, and they're shipping unlocked. Colors include black, gold, green, and white. You don't have to pay any extra to get one mailed out to you, nor do you have to live in North America or Europe. The seller is shipping to various countries in Asia, Africa, and South America as well. Australia also makes the list.