Using the stock market isn't free. Well, obviously. You're buying and selling stocks, after all. But on top of that, brokerage firms tend to charge fees to manage financial transactions. The Robinhood app lets you get around that fee, and now it has made its way over from iOS to Android.

Robinhood lets you access market data and quotes in real-time. You can buy and sell stocks without the app charging you for each transaction, though SEC and FINRA regulatory fees may apply. Don't worry. Everything is still legit. The company just makes its money in other ways.

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The app is refreshingly material from the moment you fire it up, including the lockscreen that request a custom PIN of your choice. You can also tell when markets are open or closed depending on the current color scheme.

Robinhood is free to download. You can use it to manage your portfolio by hitting up the widget below.