Here's the thing about modern consumer products. Sometimes you have a piece of merchandise that's just fine the way it is, but you need to come up with something new in order to get people's attention. What's a manufacturer to do?

Jaybird has decided to take the original Bluebuds X Bluetooth earphones that it released back in 2013 and give them a revamp. This year's model is called the X2. The core design is still the same. Specs, on paper, remain unchanged. You're still looking at an estimated 8 hours of battery life.


What's different? According to Droid Life, this model comes with modern parts such as redesigned ear fins that should be more comfortable. The new battery can possibly hit nine hours of battery life, but it should comfortably surpass eight.

To those unfamiliar with the original Bluebuds X, we'd say that they're pretty good (in no less than 3,000 words). They maintain a strong Bluetooth connection and have great sound quality. The single cord that connects the two buds is black and discrete, regardless of which color you pick. There are six to choose from this time around: black, blue, green, yellow, red, and white. Each one goes for $180.


You can order a pair now from Jaybird's site or head over to Best Buy where they're available at the same price.