Android offers developers a great deal of freedom to experiment with apps and come up with (maybe) the next big thing. Now Google has launched a website where it plans to show off some of the most interesting projects on Android. It's called Android Experiments and there are already 20 apps and demos to check out.

Each listing on the Android Experiment site comes with screenshots, videos, and a description of what makes it innovative. You also get links to the apps on the Play Store and the source code, if it's provided. The experiments aren't all regular apps, though. This site is for any Android-based project that's interesting. For example, there's a small rover that's controlled with two Android phones. Those new Google Creative lab apps from the other day are listed as well.

Google is opening up submissions from the public starting today—there's a link right at the top of the page. The experiment should run on Android 4.4 and higher to be considered for inclusion in the gallery, but it's okay to target specific devices too. You can probably look forward to seeing a lot of nifty stuff on the Android Experiments site going forward.