Solitaire and sword-and-sorcery fantasy wouldn't seem like an obvious combination, but the rookie Android game from Arnold Rauers does just that. Card Crawl has you facing a giant troll in an oddball card game, mixing elements of solitaire, battle card games like Magic the Gathering, and roguelike dungeon crawlers. It's an interesting little game that lends itself towards more strategy than might be immediately apparent.

Here's the gist: your opponent is the "deck," and he gives you 54 random cards three at a time. Each card is either an item like a sword or shield, a monster that you have to kill, a potion that can heal you, or coins that can be saved up for purchases. There are also wildcards that will affect the play in strange ways. Each turn you have to clear three cards: use swords to fight monsters, use shields to eat up damage, use potions to heal yourself, and if all else fails, just let the monsters eat right into your hit points. Two "hand" slots and one pack slot mean you have limited space to use and store cards, both in this turn and from the one before. Use up all 54 cards before your hit points are destroyed, and you win.

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The structure is incredibly unique, and you'll find yourself planning out elaborate stunts and tricks with the modifier cards. Card Crawl also looks appealing thanks to a screen jam-packed with 2D elements and character designs that remind me of Aardman Animations. The game is free with a single $3 in-app purchase for some extra quests. The only thing I can complain about is the optimization: I don't know if it's the Unity game engine or some kind of programming error, but Card Crawl makes my Nexus 6 heat up like a furnace (which shouldn't happen in a 2D game). Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Card Crawl
Card Crawl
Developer: Arnold Rauers
Price: Free+