Most remote access apps just beam your computer's screen to the phone, but Parallels does a bit more. It has a handy app launcher and full-screen rendering of desktop apps. It's not free, but maybe the latest update will entice you to pony up some cash.

Here's the changelog for Parallels v3.0.

  • File Sharing — Share any file directly from your computer. No cloud storage required, no file size limit, no upload time wasted. Just get a link to a file on your computer and share it with your friends.
  • Universal File Manager with local file support, cloud storage, file previews and access to photos
  • New “remoteless” connection for File Manager–connect to a computer to access files without taking over the screen
  • Enhanced file preview for files on a remote computer–now supports Microsoft Office files
  • Improved Wake-on-LAN feature which offers additional ways to wake a remote computer
  • Ability to work with multiple monitors in a web-browser session from a remote computer allowing the user to switch between available displays, or see them all at once
  • Access to photos on a mobile device from the desktop agent, including the ability to take photos and copy them to a remote computer

The new version should make it easier to get to your apps and files on the remote computer without resorting to tedious touchscreen mouse manipulation. File sharing is probably the most notable addition this time. It saves time when you need a file from your desktop as you don't have to upload it somewhere first. It can simply be downloaded via a link.

Parallels Access is free to try, but it costs $19.99 per year after that. A basic account covers five computers.

Parallels Access
Parallels Access