The OnePlus 2 announcement hasn't gone particularly smoothly for the Chinese company thanks to a handful of missing features, but OnePlus has still managed to attract a huge number of people to the invite waiting list. Now there's going to be a little more waiting completely separate from the invites. OnePlus has announced via its forums that North American shipments of the OnePlus 2 are delayed by 2-3 weeks.

The OnePlus 2 is set to go on sale to those with invites tomorrow (August 11th), and the company will still happily take your money in North America. However, the phone won't ship to the US and Canada until production catches up. OnePlus shipments to other regions are apparently unaffected.

The vague timeline probably gives OnePlus a bit of wiggle room to adjust the final ship date as needed. On one hand, it's nice that OnePlus is letting people know about the delay, but on the other, one day before the sale date is pretty short notice. Hopefully buyers at least get something more concrete as we get closer. It's hard to commit to buying a phone without knowing when it's going to ship.

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