SanDisk is rolling out new Ultra series microSD cards, and the pricing is pretty fantastic. The sweet spot is a new $59.99 128GB option, but the smaller cards are selling for good prices right now too. If you've got a card slot and need a lot of storage, this is kind of a no-brainer.

The pricing is as follows.

  • 8GB: $6.56
  • 16GB: $9.99
  • 32GB: $14.99
  • 64GB: $24.99
  • 128GB: $59.99
  • 200GB: $249.99 (lolno)

The 128GB card is not in stock yet, but if you pre-order now it will ship on or around August 20th. The other cards are all in stock and ready to ship. The 200GB card was released a few weeks ago and has actually gotten more expensive. The 64GB and lower are priced about the same as they historically have been, but they're still good deals.