Motorola just "gets" Android. Rather than cover Android with a custom interface and countless add-ons, it has developed a handful of really focused, useful features for its devices. One of these features is Moto Assist, and an update to the Moto app in the Play Store has made it even better with the addition of location triggers.

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Moto Assist has always been able to tweak your notification settings based on time, calendar events, and driving status, but now you can make changes based on where you are. That includes your home and work locations (which you can teach the phone), but also any other location you want to add.

Assist doesn't expose as many settings as an app like Tasker—it's really just a way to keep your phone from making noise, but now you can have that happen automatically anywhere. Moto 3.0 is shipping on the new Moto G (and probably the Moto X Style/Play), but it should run on all of Motorola's recent Android phones.

Price: Free