Right now we're hearing about off-season trades and commitments for pro sports like the NFL, NBA, and NHL. A similar phenomenon has happened in the somewhat smaller world of Twitter clients for Android. Joaquim Vergès, the well-known developer of the Falcon Pro Twitter client, has been hired by Twitter itself. According to a series of tweets posted Friday afternoon, Vergès says that he's been hired specifically to work with the "Android core UI team."

Falcon Pro has won fans for being a full-featured Android client that outshines the first-party app in basically every respect, from interface to performance, even to supporting the built-in features of the Twitter platform itself. It's been featured heavily here on Android Police for almost three years. In addition to constant updates and improvements, Falcon Pro's popularity put it at the center of the controversy when Twitter began limiting tokens for third-party apps. On multiple occasions Vergès reset the app entirely to enable people to continue to download and use it.

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Twitter's policy of alienating third-party apps continues to be a sore spot in its relationship with the development community and end users. Vergès mentioned the limits of the system, particularly the limitations of Twitter's API, in a related Tweet.

According to yet another Tweet, Falcon Pro will continue to be developed by Vergès.

The developer has also released a combined RSS and social news reader, Flyne, but it hasn't been updated in the better part of a year.