The once proud Tomb Raider franchise has been somewhat exploited in recent years with releases like Lara Croft Relic Run. There's the classic Tomb Raider game on Android now, but in the near future you might have another option for not-terrible Tomb Raider gaming with Lara Croft GO.

You can probably guess from the name that this is a game in the same vein as Hitman GO, which turned out to be a really interesting take on the stealth action genre. This game will be a little more action and exploration oriented, but it has the same turn-based puzzling experience we saw in Hitman GO.

The above video only shows a little of the gameplay, but the graphics look really neat. The game will arrive on phones and tablets later this year. If it's anything like Hitman GO, it will cost a few bucks up front with limited in-app purchases for hints.

Release date

Square has announced that Lara Croft GO will be out on August 27th.