Amazon has the market cornered when it comes to some services, but general consumer cloud storage is not one of them. The retailer is trying, though. The Cloud Drive app arrived in June and it's getting a big update today with some essential file management options.

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Here's the changelog for v1.1 of the Cloud Drive app.

  • Upload photos and videos from your camera roll.
  • Upload files from other cloud storage services.
  • Create and edit text files. New files you make will be automatically saved in Cloud Drive.
  • Create folders.
  • Move files between folders.
  • Download your original files to your smartphone or tablet.

Amazon clearly has some catching up to do, which is why this update seems a little simplistic. Still important, though. You now have the option of uploading photos and videos from your camera folder to Cloud Drive, although Amazon calls it the "camera roll." This is not iOS, Amazon.

The update also adds a ton of file management features like creating text files/folders, uploading from other cloud services, and moving files within Cloud drive. The app is free, but there's no free tier of Cloud Drive anymore. Prime members get unlimited photo storage plus 5GB of space (non-Prime users can pay $12/year for this), or you can just pay $60/year and have unlimited storage.

Amazon Drive
Amazon Drive
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