If you're a regular person, you might have a single phone that you can easily charge through the USB port on the side of your laptop. Maybe you have a tablet that just so happened to die at around the same time. You don't feel like getting up, so you plug it into your other USB port, and that is that.

But if Android devices mean a bit more to you. You read the blogs. You write for blogs. You develop apps. For whatever reason, you need to have a plethora of devices lined up beside you at your desk with a working charge. For you, there's the Choetech 10A 6-port USB rapid charger that's currently priced on Amazon at $24, but you can lower it down to $17 by entering a coupon code at checkout. The requisite string of letters and numbers is XU2LI69J.

The previous coupon expired, but this new one is going to work just as well: EM8FB3KM.

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This product can charge up to 10 amps through its 6 ports or pump 2.4 amps through each. In addition to your Android devices, it will power pretty much anything that revitalizes itself through a USB port.

The Choetech USB charger is no longer than three and a half inches, so it won't take up too much space on your desk. The hub comes with a 5 foot power cord in case you want to plug into the wall instead.


You hoarders of devices can snag the product at the link below.