"The Beeb on your wrist" might be mistaken for Cockney slang by some poorly-travelled American blogger, but in this case it's the latest feature to hit the official BBC Worldwide news app. The update to 3.2 for BBC News UK and BBC News Worldwide will send short snippets of stories to your Android Wear device. The only other changes are bug fixes and some layout adjustments for the primary, non-wearable app.

screen screen2 screen3

BBC News on a watch is surprisingly usable. A title, header image, and short paragraph for each story are displayed in a sort of mini-RSS style. The layout lets you swipe horizontally and vertically: go up or down to move between the "Top Stories," "My News" (selected on the smartphone app), and "Most Read" categories, and swipe left or right to move between individual stories. The font is readable, even on my tiny first-gen G Watch.

Unfortunately only the first sentence of the story is available to read, and there's no way to send a command back to your phone so the full story is waiting for you. Still, it's notable that a major media company is even aware of the existence of Android Wear (a year after the launch of the platform no less), and I'm grateful that we get the functionality at all.

BBC News
BBC News
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