When you're looking for phone leaks, Twitter isn't a bad place to start. @ViziLeaks has shared photos of what are supposedly the upcoming Xperia Z (TBC but probably 5) and the corresponding compact version. You can see them flanking an iPhone, with the compact model on the left.


In responses to tweets, @ViziLeaks details what we're seeing and not seeing in this image. There's a side power button on the side of the Xperia Z5. This apparently doubles as a fingerprint sensor, which you can see by looking at the software on both devices. The location of the button has resulted in a volume rocker that sits lower on the device.

Both models lack USB C, and the backs of both will remain glass, though not as slippery.

When asked about Sony's rumored S60 and S70, @ViziLeaks had this to say.

Considering the Z4 only started hitting store shelves earlier this summer, these leaks seem pretty early—except this is Sony, and the manufacturer likes to release two flagships each year. The company may have expressed plans to slow down releases, but it seems that shift won't take effect in 2015. These devices are expected to possibly make an appearance at this year's IFA in September.

Still, things may not look exactly as they appear here. Proceed with the usual lack of certainty that comes with leaks.