Chris Lacy's Link Bubble floating browser was a cool idea right out of the gate, but you might notice that development has been slow. Today Lacy explains that his little indie dev company simply doesn't have the resources to do what needs to be done with the app, so he's sold Link Bubble (and TapPath) to an unnamed US startup. What does that mean to you? For starters there's a huge update today.

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Here's the changelog for Link Bubble v1.5.

  • Support for drop down elements
  • Added ability to color the toolbar with a website's theme/favicon color (Settings -> Color toolbar)
  • Added "Domain redirects" customization, allowing you to define domains which, when loaded, will always be referred to your fallback browser
  • Updated appearance for material design
  • Use Lollipop themed Snackbar prompt
  • Translation support for 6 new languages

The addition of drop down elements is a big deal and something users have long been asking for. This change makes a lot more pages usable in Link Bubble. It also has some visual tweaks in the form of colored toolbars based on the website theme and more material elements.

If you bought Link Bubble Pro in the past, you do not have to buy it again. The app's listing has moved to another developer account, but it will still update and function normally. As for who's behind Link Bubble now, Lacy says it's a stealth startup, so he's leaving the introductions up to them.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

The app was not found in the store. :-(