Continuing the service's fairly rapid growth, Genius has released its own Android app. Once known as Rap Genius, they have since opened up to all music genres as well as texts from non-musical sources. More than just a place to read the words, Genius facilitates annotation and discussion of primary sources. The Android app allows users to sign in, search, browse, and read all annotations, but notably lacks the ability to add one's own comments.

Screenshot_2015-08-04-14-13-01 Screenshot_2015-08-04-14-14-32

In terms of design, the app does a nice job of implementing a native material interface while still preserving its distinctive look that should be familiar to users of Genius on the web. Genius isn't exactly reinventing the wheel in terms of things Android apps can do, but it provides a smooth and pain-free way to view its archives.

Screenshot_2015-08-04-14-13-22 Screenshot_2015-08-04-14-14-09

Viewing a song's lyrics is pretty straightforward, with prominently placed external resources like videos and biographical info where available. Wherever you see lyrics highlighted in gray, that means there are annotations to view. Tapping on them will bring you to a separate screen, like the one on the right above.

If you find yourself wanting to check out lyrics from your phone, especially if you are into learning about the meaning behind them, give it a look.