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Scott David

Affordable phones are good, but how about free phones? Those are my favorite kind. And today we've got 5 free phones for you - 64GB ASUS ZenFone 2s, to be precise.

I've used this phone a lot, and I have to say, it really is pretty great. At $199 for the 16GB version and $299 for the 64GB, you're getting a ton of bang for your buck. The Intel chipset's performance is completely unrecognizable from early Atom-based devices running Android, and makes it easily the fastest phone in its price segment. A PowerVR GPU means you can actually use it for things like gaming without dropping your frame rates into the teens, unlike certain other chipsets in this bracket.

Quick charging technology means the ZenFone 2 juices up fast, and it even has, if you can believe it, NFC.

ASUS is partnering with us to give away five of the aforementioned 64GB versions of the phone, and to be eligible to win one, here's what you need to do: tell us what you would change about the ZenFone 2 to make it even better. Now, remember - this is an affordable phone. "Put a more expensive camera in it" comes at a cost (literally), so carefully consider how you'd tweak and tailor this phone into something truly amazing (in your personal opinion). While there are no length requirements, we will only consider those comments that are at least vaguely serious (and don't worry if someone else has said what you planned to, there's no selection bias against similar suggestions).

Entries that do leave a comment are weighted heavily against our normal entry options, so if you want a significantly increased chance of winning, I suggest you do that.

Entrants must be from North America (Canada, US, and Mexico) to be eligible.

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