As we know, most smartphone commercials are, at best, OK. Many are less than OK, and some are just downright awful (see also: HTC-RDJ). Apple manages to score a hit every once in a while, but even their ads can come off as corny and contrived (or just boastful) sometimes.

Perhaps the greatest unicorn of all in smartphone advertising is a legitimately chuckle-worthy commercial. They're rare beasts, and even if that chuckle is from a completely WTF place (see: G Flex, ad sadly taken down), a laugh is a positive reaction. Usually. Anyway, Motorola made this new commercial for the Moto G and we all thought it was pretty funny.

It doesn't talk to you like you're an idiot, it doesn't needlessly expose every single aspect of the phone they can fit in 45 seconds, and it uses visual humor to tell the story. Sure, it's not high comedic art, but it's a damn giggle-worthy moment when Ignition spins up and this guy lifts his Moto G up over his shoulder like a boombox.

I'll take some more bite-sized funnies when you've got them, Moto.