Motorola is slowly making its way through its current product line, updating all its phones to the latest version of Android. (My poor, neglected DROID MAXX from 2013 is still waiting, Moto.) That means releasing the open source kernel files for said phones and each update as well. The latest device to get the treatment is the 2015 version of Motorola's low-cost wonder, the Moto E. The phone itself was updated with an OTA package back in May.


You know how this goes: if you're a developer, head on over to Motorola's GitHub page to download this or any other open source package available from the company. Then start tinkering with the source code to make better recoveries, ROMs, and whatnot. Note: this isn't the same package as the AT&T Go Phone or Verizon prepaid version of the Moto E.