One of the cooler and, in my opinion, underutilized features present in many modern Android flagships is the ability to use MicroUSB OTG devices to quickly transfer media. If this is a feature that you have wanted to take advantage of for a while, but just haven't gotten around to picking up a OTG thumb drive, then now might be a good time to finally grab one.

Today you can buy a 64GB SanDisk USB 2.0 OTG flash drive for just under $19. That's enough room to store a whole lot of photos of cats. If you aren't sure if your device is compatible with USB OTG you can check the list below to find out — you don't even have to Google it. Man, I'm such a nice guy.


If $19 is more than you want to spend, you also have the option to purchase the 32GB model for just under $12. That's also a great price, but it won't hold as many cat photos. Think of the cats. Buy the 64GB drive. You know you want it.