The new Android platform version distribution numbers are up on Google's developer site, and given no data was published during the month of July, that means we've got two months of change. Lollipop continues to climb - it's up from 12.4% a full 5.7 points, now at 18.1% of all devices. KitKat actually hasn't lost much traction because of that, and actually grew a tenth of a point, now at 39.3% of all devices versus 39.2% two months ago.

The real loser is Jelly Bean, down 3.8 points, with Ice Cream Sandwich down 1, Gingerbread down 1, and Froyo hanging steady at 0.3% (diediedie).

Lollipop's adoption does appear to be accelerating, though nearly 10 months after it was made available, it still hasn't breached 20% on the chart. Not exactly a rapid pace OEMs seem to be keeping here. Even Google hasn't been as quick at updates to 5.0 as many users would have liked.