Pocket lets you take whatever website you don't have time for right this moment and saves it somewhere for you to get back to later. It then reformats this content to make the text easier to read. That's what it does, and for the most part, that's all it needs to do.

But maybe this alone isn't hitting your buttons. You want more features, and you want them now. Well, just for you, Pocket has rolled out a beta channel. This will let you get access to upcoming functionality before it comes to everyone else.

Right now Pocket is working on a way to recommend high-quality stories and videos, not just those that are popular and new. Its plan is to take note of the stories its users are saving in large numbers. Pocket will then place a Recommendations tab next to your personal list of saved items. Here you can see which stories it thinks you will want to read based on what you've already saved, viewed, and shared.


Here's where you, eager early adopter, come in. Just sign up for the beta in Pocket's Google+ community for testers. Instructions on what to do next will greet you on the way in.