OnePlus finally announced the OnePlus 2 the other day, and potential buyers are currently coming to grips with several missing features including NFC and Quick Charging. It appeared at first that some international users were going to have a much more substantial shortcoming to deal with as the device apparently lacked several important LTE bands. OnePlus has quietly updated its specs to confirm support of these bands, so all should be fine.

In the original spec sheet provided to us and in the specs on OP's website, there was no mention of TDD-LTE bands 38, 40, and 41. This is the international version of the phone, remember, and TDD-LTE is very common in some parts of the world. For example, band 40 is huge in India and bands 41/38 are used in China, Japan, and other Asian markets. There's also a smattering of band 38 in Europe.

So it just looks like the specs were accidentally left incomplete, and it's been fixed now. No reason to panic. The OnePlus 2 should support your local LTE bands just fine. The specs for the US variant are unchanged. That one has support for a ton of FDD-LTE bands, which is by far the most common standard in North America and Europe.